Monday, January 29, 2007

I had a dream about singing and school recently. 

Dreams about being at school often mean you are feeling insecure about your social status, your abilities or your performance in a situation. A dream that takes place in school may also be a metaphor for the lessons you are learning in your life.

If you sing in your dream, this is a lucky omen representing happiness, harmony and joy. You are uplifting others with your positive attitude and cheerful disposition. If you hear others singing but don't see them, you are trying to find your way towards happiness in real life.

Am I learning to be happy?

I have booked a First Aid/CPR course for this weekend. It's going to be a boring, boring weekend, I think. Couple that with how much I'm working as well as my school schedule, I'm not going to be seeing much or my family this week.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

My mother-in-law has been staying with us since Wednesday and I haven't been using the computer as much. 

On Wednesday I went out to a pub with some friends from school. I was actually carded.. I was actually older than the waitress. We had some drinks and some fun and then said goodnight. I also got several beautiful old books from my mother-in-law. I may post some pictures of them later.

Thursday was nice in that I got to present some of the old children's books I got the day before to my Children's Literature class. The professor was very impressed and gave me some bonus marks for the presentation. It's one of my favourite classes, though, so I was happy to do it. 

Yesterday was long but awesome. I got to spend a couple hours with the babies where I work as an assistant, went to class for six hours (another of my favourite classes, English and one that tends to be more active, Creative Expressions,) then I came home only to go back out again, neVer in tow, to get some chimichongas and booze. We ended up dancing at a queer bar, I got hit on by the owner's brother and told about all the things he would do with me if only I were available. I must have been blushing because he seemed to take a great deal of joy in telling me this. 

Today I am sick and have a hang-over. I'm burning our anime night disc on my new laptop (named Monzie) but other than that the day is progressing at a snail's pace. 

I am happy with my college life, going out and doing things suits me so well.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I've had a busy day. 

First thing this morning I showed up at the baby room for some time with the kids, there was general cuteness and a fire drill during which we all shivered and jumped up and down to fend off the cold. The Chef, Alex, was sick with allergies. 

Next came the ever happy six hour period of classes. I got stuck at the very back of the class, that's what I get for being almost late. I got to show off my new laptop to a couple friends as well as one of my favourite games, Imperishable Night. Got some learnin' done, too.

Then came the dreaded buying-a-packload-of-books-and-lugging-them-all-home excursion, it went well and I ran into my creative expressions teacher, who is taking a class at the campus the bookstore is at. Then I lugged them home on an over-crowded street car. o_o'

Tonight I plan to do some chores and read the first two modules in the on-line textbook for my Child Development class tomorrow.

My laptop is sexy.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Well, I missed school today because of the OSAP money I forsaw getting in the afternoon. I idd indeed get my money and I rushed straight out with never and br0n to get some new shoes, video games and a brand new laptop. Her name is Monzie and I am currently burning her recovery disk (it takes an inordinately long amount of time to burn two data DVDs with this integrated program) before rebooting her and getting her on the network and thereby the internet. I need to buy my text books after school tomorrow and will be searching for free texts tonight online, if I can find any. 

We had dinner at a restaurant called The Pickle Barrel and it was wonderful. I had a huge, meaty tray of nachos, never had a nice looking steak and br0n had a couple fries. We had a pretty good time spending some of my well deserved loan today.

I'm hoping we brought that cockroach with us and that it will die a terrible, firey death before it can spawn.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

On Monday, my English Professor asked our class if anyone had a blog. I threw my hand up enthusiastically, being the only person in the class, apparently, to have one. The Professor exclaimed "Good! Can we see it?" to which I immediately and emphatically replied, "NO!" 

This experience reminded me of my blog and how I've been neglecting it. 

I am resolved to make one post per day, though the post may be inane and of absolutely no importance to anyone but me. This is the first post of my New Resolution.

PS. Upon checking my spelling, I have noticed that the LJ official spell-check does not recognize the word "blog."

PPS. It also does not recognize "LJ," which is more understandable.