Monday, July 26, 2010

July 14:
Dueling Grounds is well and selling Munchkin, mostly. Initial burst of sale in Cthulhu Dice has cooled down.
Monthly Munchkin Wednesday ensued. Deanna and Elisa joined the fray, I won. Forgot prize support at home, will make it up to them. Deanna used black Munchkin Die, began at lvl2; Elisa used iphone Munchkin Counter app, which gives different boons at different lvls. Fun game, Deanna is incredibly nice, also moving to Ann Arbour (sp?)

Ordered a shipment from Warehouse 23 at end of June, still waiting for it to ship. Just noticed that Kill-O-Meter is still on order, which is why it hasn't shipped yet. Will re-do order without Kill-O-Meter.