Sunday, March 13, 2005

DOS Barrage

I've recently discovered that Siroi Danmakukun* translates to English as White Barrage. I don't think there could be a cooler name for this game. Most Japanese titles which are translated into English tend to sound a bit off (ie. Shin Megami Tensei means True Goddess Metempsychosis and the very strangely titled anime, I Me My Strawberry Eggs) and it is refreshing to see a translated title that actually sounds good in English. Not that I mind funny, brokenEngrish all that much.

Old DOS games. There are just too many cool old game to count. Unfortunately, most of your old favourites will not run on any current OSes. There is a solution: Emulation, and It begins with DOSbox. A DOS emulator which can play a whole host of your old 3.5" floppy format games. You can download most of the games you used to play from various sites including:
There are a few other emulators out there that work in different ways and therefor will play different games with a different amount of success. You can get more information on emulation if you have trouble with DOSbox at theVogons BBS.
*This site is Japanese only. You may download the actual game file from HERE