Tuesday, October 7, 2008

When daring the wide world, and in the brightest days,
and casting off the servitude of parents' clingy ways.
When making your voice heard, or just watching a cloud,
It's vital to remember that motorcars are loud.

The loudest noises come and hurt your big-kid ears
Even when your plans today did not include your fears.
Tipping the earth by vision's light when it comes roaring round,
A motorbike or truck or something shaking up the ground.

It's felt in the shoulders, head, and toes, and knees, and brain,
And that wish the mists of Avalon would dampen them again.
Bubbling up inside of you, it crumples paper hearts,
And bounces in your belly long after it ends and starts.

But unexpectedly, those interrupted plans
Are like reality again, you're playing in the sand.
A mother's son, a father's girl, trying to be proud,
You just have to remember that motor cars are loud.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

I've left the only person I've ever truly, deeply loved, and not because that feeling has ended. Most of me wants her to walk through that door and say that she'll take me back, the rest of me wants to die. I know she will never take me back.

I am so stupid for leaving her, for causing this much damage over so many years. I wish I could go back and change it. I am so, so, so stupid.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I've spent the last few days with [info]inever and it's been a lot of fun. We went to a gay bar on Friday, or whatever day that was, and danced with various people. I saw the queen who I thought was cute from when she was working the bar the Wednesday before, except on stage. She's such a hot slut. ¬_¬ [info]inever got really close with this girl who seemed to be having issues with her boyfriend.. very close indeed. 

We saw The Dark Night last night and it was better than your average super-hero movie. I don't get all the hype, though, aside from it being BRANDON LEE'S LAST FILM.. I mean.. Whatever. It was really a pretty average action movie, which is to say it had an immature plot and lots of splodey stuff. The Joker was played pretty well, ~lick~ but he spoke a bit like Jack Nicholson's Joker at times, except without the commanding boom that Nicholson can project. The Joker's fleshed out thought-experiments made the movie a little tedious, since there were several of them. I still liked Batman Returns best.

I ate too much yesterday, and now I feel terrible. Here's a muxtape for you.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

I'm going to go to the Journey to the Centre of the Earth today, to watch it in glorious 3-D. I'm hoping my friend and I can go out for drinks or something afterwards.

Is The Dark Knight really a "cultural milestone," or "as near to perfect as a movie can get?" My friend said it was as good as Star Wars (but for different reasons.) Can a Batman movie really be this good?

I give you the transforming owl.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Today was OK.

I had a good morning at work. Came home to have leftover chicken for lunch and do some grocery shopping for dinner, which was to be a burrito skillet (didn't happen, had some Greek food instead.) Spent some time hanging out at home before going back for my afternoon shift, which was full of toddlers and love. I even for out ten minutes early.

Quickly biking home from work would have gained me 4 points if I were on Weight Watchers.

This is why I love the Unites States:

Monday, June 2, 2008

The following was taken from [info]statements, which is the only way I've been using LJ for a couple months..

I had a dream that I was a princess leading a princess' life. Then my father was killed and the castle over-run. I hid in the wine-cellar for a while with two supporters of my father. I was found out during the seizure and was made to report to the new king. He wasn't mean; he was arrogant and I hated him sorely, but he wasn't mean. After being left alone, I somehow made it into the basement with a pack full of supplies. There were tunnels leading far out and away from the castle, which I followed. I came out and travelled over-land for a long time, heading toward a village in which I knew somebody. I met her, somehow, to tell her that I had escaped and would never be coming back to that kingdom. Just as I was about to depart, my friend got a phone call. She handed me the phone and said, "His Majesty would like to congratulate you on your escape." I woke up then, because I got scared.

Now I have a headache.


Monday, May 5, 2008

The Vegas Tour '08

We've arrived at the airport for our pre-flight drunkening.

Yep, still getting drunk.

A lady who was cleaning near the departing area.

More departing area people.

I can't believe they let us on the plane.

And we've landed!

There are these huge parking structures all over Vegas.

I must have been jet-lagged.

Look, more parking!

For posterity..

He looks a bit dorky, but the Intelli-Bed guy can lay down some dope lyrics when he wants to.

This is what they leave for their guests..

The view out the suite window.

The hallway, a busy place.

This pool has a shark tank in the center.

Mm-hmm, still drinking.

It's a really nice English-style pub.

That's pretty cheap.

Fremont Street has a cape.

When I ordered it, I thought the "chicken strip and coleslaw" would come separately.

I don't know what this guy is doing here, but he looks about 50 years late.

The guys with the chicken nugget for a head weirds me out a little.

Another scene from our room, albeit a bit slanted.

I'm a skyphile.

My zoom works!

On the way to the Star Trek Experience.

Elvis against the sky.

They don't open with a cool slidey noise.


Getting drunk via ALIEN BOOZE.

This is an ominous sign.

Props for the shows on the ceiling.

It's called "cross-fandom," I believe.

One of the many, many display cabinets with props used in the filming.

Stay calm, don't move: I'm going to attempt to disarm it.



Quite hypnotic..

The drinks are free if you gamble at the video poker machines.

The Star Trek Experience got rickrolled.

Quark, the proprietor himself.

This has over 10 shots of liquor in it. Cheers, Cap'n.

American Engrish.

Elvis and I: I'm pretty sure we didn't get married.

More Fremont Street.

A long-forgotten corner of consumerism, there was a concert at Jillian's.

I think that stucco is smiling at me.

We've got cheeseburgers in a can, why not spaghetti in a bottle?

Preparing to depart.

Goodnight, Vegas. Thank you very much.