Monday, May 5, 2008

The Vegas Tour '08

We've arrived at the airport for our pre-flight drunkening.

Yep, still getting drunk.

A lady who was cleaning near the departing area.

More departing area people.

I can't believe they let us on the plane.

And we've landed!

There are these huge parking structures all over Vegas.

I must have been jet-lagged.

Look, more parking!

For posterity..

He looks a bit dorky, but the Intelli-Bed guy can lay down some dope lyrics when he wants to.

This is what they leave for their guests..

The view out the suite window.

The hallway, a busy place.

This pool has a shark tank in the center.

Mm-hmm, still drinking.

It's a really nice English-style pub.

That's pretty cheap.

Fremont Street has a cape.

When I ordered it, I thought the "chicken strip and coleslaw" would come separately.

I don't know what this guy is doing here, but he looks about 50 years late.

The guys with the chicken nugget for a head weirds me out a little.

Another scene from our room, albeit a bit slanted.

I'm a skyphile.

My zoom works!

On the way to the Star Trek Experience.

Elvis against the sky.

They don't open with a cool slidey noise.


Getting drunk via ALIEN BOOZE.

This is an ominous sign.

Props for the shows on the ceiling.

It's called "cross-fandom," I believe.

One of the many, many display cabinets with props used in the filming.

Stay calm, don't move: I'm going to attempt to disarm it.



Quite hypnotic..

The drinks are free if you gamble at the video poker machines.

The Star Trek Experience got rickrolled.

Quark, the proprietor himself.

This has over 10 shots of liquor in it. Cheers, Cap'n.

American Engrish.

Elvis and I: I'm pretty sure we didn't get married.

More Fremont Street.

A long-forgotten corner of consumerism, there was a concert at Jillian's.

I think that stucco is smiling at me.

We've got cheeseburgers in a can, why not spaghetti in a bottle?

Preparing to depart.

Goodnight, Vegas. Thank you very much.