Friday, October 12, 2007

Paid users each got a coupon for a free virtual gift. For some reason, Never got two of them.

My gift from Never:

They show up on the recipient's userinfo page and stay for two weeks, but nobody ever goes to see that.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

This is rather dope.

Last night..

I went out for a belated birthday celebration with my best real-life friend, gr0d. 

He got me a horror manga (so awesome) and a bunch of Japanese candy, including a freeze-dried ice cream cone. We smoked some cigars on his balcony and then hit the town. 

It seems like every time I go out, it's to the gay bars on Church. 

So we went to a newish place called The Church Street Bar (very original) and someone began break-dancing for our benefit, completely interrupting and derailing our conversation. I had Red Bull and vodka for the first time, it is tart and looks like it should have scotch in it. They were playing house/trance and had strange lights which looked like roses or a Star Trek emblem of some sort, depending on who you ask. We left after two drinks and a conversation full of internet memes and video games. 

We then burst into Tango, where we would spend the rest of the evening. All the staff were wearing tiaras, which was strange considering most of them were drag kings or bull dykes. Cameron was working the bar, a king I've seen singing on stage before. Needless to say it was king night in the back room, but it didn't open until eleven. Having some time to kill, we ordered some drinks (rev, beer, and coolers all night) and went to the patio. We met a guy, who's name I can't remember, who offered us blow and beer in exchange for sex. I shot him down politely, the second time I have ever done that*, and he left after about two beers (I paid for them.) I noticed the doors to the back room swing open and, after an excited dance, I rushed the door. 

It was kings all night long. They sang the usual terrible pop songs and some emo rock songs. The host soloed Save A Horse, Ride A Cowboy, which is certainly not as good as seeing it done by a duo of overtly randy masqueraders. There were some good looking femme dykes who I might have danced with if they weren't, and a whole lot of girls-who-look-like-boys. There were even some actual boys there, strangely.

One of the better looking women stuffed a fiver down her top and approached the stage. She lifted her shirt to reveal her bosom and the lucky bill crushed into her cleavage to the performing king, which she got a very passionate kiss for. I danced with gr0d in a less-than-gentile manner, got plastered, and didn't get hit on again until nearer the end of the night. 

After the stools were all flipped and the drinks were all spilt, I began to make my way home. I decided on the streetcar as I wanted to listen to some music and it's about twenty dollars cheaper. I walked to College and Church to catch the streetcar, there is a bar right on the corner there. Outside of this bar there were two teenage girls, very obviously drunk, and an older man hitting on the both of them. One of the girls walked away and right past me, I kept watching the antics of the would-be lovers until I realized that the girl who walked past me had come back and was standing very close to me. I took out my headphones and asked her if she was talking to me. She replied in a vaguely European accent that her friend was "so drunk that she didn't even know who she was talking to. Look, she's talking to a complete stranger." I asked her if her friend's situation was much different from her's and she realized the similarity. I followed it up by stating that I really didn't know the situation and that I couldn't become involved. Another polite shot to the fuselage, the third in my life. She puffed up and told me she was going to go over there and tell the guy talking to her friend off, and was gone before I could tell her that her friend was enjoying being hit on. She got up into his face and started in with the belligerence, puffing out her chest and pushing him away from her friend that way. Not surprisingly, the man who ~was~ hitting on her friend placed a hand on the offender's hip and another around her waist. They began making out, I can imagine he was ejected from her hotel room early this morning without any courteous discussion. 

The streetcar came and I walked from the station to my house safely. It was a fun night. 

*The first time was also at a gay club: the owner's brother, so he said.