Monday, February 11, 2008

This iconic picture immortalizes a historic precedent. In a huge, choreographed mass around the world, the internet showed up on Scientology's doorstep to sing 80's songs at the injustice of capitalistic religion. In virtually every major english-speaking city, drothes of masked 20-somethings proclaimed that their Thetan power level was OVER 9000! I am proud to see my internet bretheren so boldly take up a torch and mob the over-happy denizens of Xenu, I only wish I could have been there. With numbers as high as 300 estimated at certain gatherings, (and as low as 1 ((BUT BIG BALLS)) in Tokyo,) these champions of free speech have lashed out against the seemingly joke-cult of a mediocre sci-fi novel writer. I don't know how to express how awesome this is.

With real-life raids taking place, anonymous "chan" sites have found a new power within themselves. They have figured out that they can go out there and make news, say things with a unified voice. I really wonder what Moot thinks of all this. 

More info at The Project Chanology Wiki.

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