Monday, June 2, 2008

The following was taken from [info]statements, which is the only way I've been using LJ for a couple months..

I had a dream that I was a princess leading a princess' life. Then my father was killed and the castle over-run. I hid in the wine-cellar for a while with two supporters of my father. I was found out during the seizure and was made to report to the new king. He wasn't mean; he was arrogant and I hated him sorely, but he wasn't mean. After being left alone, I somehow made it into the basement with a pack full of supplies. There were tunnels leading far out and away from the castle, which I followed. I came out and travelled over-land for a long time, heading toward a village in which I knew somebody. I met her, somehow, to tell her that I had escaped and would never be coming back to that kingdom. Just as I was about to depart, my friend got a phone call. She handed me the phone and said, "His Majesty would like to congratulate you on your escape." I woke up then, because I got scared.

Now I have a headache.