Wednesday, November 24, 2004

champs of norrath

so i'm playing champs of norrath for ps2 and i was trying out the lvl 20 cheat (create a char and as soon as you have control of them hold L1 R2 triangle and R3.. i think) anyways this mode has one major drawback.. you don't get 20 lvls worth of stat points.. even when you lvl to 21 it doesn't give them to you.. so, oh well.. back to the drawing board.. i just continued my lvl 11 warrior "azala" and had a spot of trouble with the ant queen.. so i started the game over again.. i'm nearing the spider caverns now.. and i hope to be lvled up a couple times before taking on the queen ant again..
gauntlet and anything spun off of gauntlet make me hot..

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