Wednesday, July 5, 2006

This is a sad post.

That picture reminded me of a tragic story the manager of the daycare I was working at today (I'll call her Mao) told me about her subway ride in from work. She was pulling into Davisville station when the train suddenly stopped and the doors failed to open. After a while the lights went out and an announcement came over the PA to say that there would be a delay in the service and that it was due to an electrical problem.

It hurts to relay the story.

The doors on the very back car were opened though the exit was more towards the middle of the platform and people were being ushered through the cars and out the back of the train. The stairway was jammed, barely moving at all when Mau saw a women who had turned white and panicky who said, "I saw her head." It was then that there was an unearthly moan or cry from nearer the front of the train, from which Mau guessed there was a girl not over five years old in trouble there. The crowd began vulturing around and Mao and someone she had been talking to declined to do the same, though she gathered that the girl had somehow gotten trapped, the train still moving at the time, by her neck between the platform and the floor level of the train (about four inches across?) and was not dead.

Mao told me this story and I felt horror rising in me though I tried to remain calm and didn't say much throughout the rest of my mid-day break. When I got back to class I took some time to hug as many of my toddlers as would let me do so with love and tenderness and tried to give them everything I could possibly give them in the best ways that I knew how.

I hope so much that the girl was not crushed underneath. That she was ok and was taken to the hospital with non-fatal injuries. I suppose I will find out tomorrow when I get the paper.

I feel like crying again.

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