Monday, November 27, 2006

The third installment of The Elder Scrolls series, Morrowind, has been really exciting to play. Based in an ever-changing landscape and in real time, rains fall to different degrees, sandstorms ravage the parched mountain terrain, pea-soup fog inhibits your vision sight, all while travelling through a world that actually feels alive and dangerous. 

I had a taste of this feeling of danger when my character was out on a lonely, wild paths, trying against odds just to find a place to rest until morning in a relatively safe spot where no beasts might find me and take a bite. The sounds of distant winged atrocities echoed in my ears as I lay down last night for some sleep. It didn't come easily as i thought of strategies I might employ to steal my character out of the treacherous mountains he unwittingly fumbled into. 

The history of the world is full of colour and is very in-depth though as I play my barbarian norseman to his fullest I find he is an illiterate brute and most of the books that come his way are left by the roadside, unread, as he stumbled onto another fight. 

I have only just begun playing this game and already I am in love with it.

Also, I have begun a food review blog.

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