Monday, April 23, 2007

I am supposed to be off this week, but I still have assignments to finish for the term that ended on Friday. I'm volounteering at my internship tomorrow and Thursday so that I can get them done. I'm worried about next term since I have had such a rough time with school over the past couple of months. My English exam didn't go as well as I had hoped it would. I just need to get through these couple years so that I can open a summer camp and vineyard in the country. It looks like we'll be in Ontario since land is cheap here. I'm hoping we can be outside of a nice town maybe an hour or two away from Toronto. 

I feel desperate a lot of the time, now. Spring is here and I should be happy, and I manage some fledgling grin once in a while but it seems I'm just worried. I think of my grape vines and I'm happy about that, but it hasn't happened yet and so it's always fleeting. [info]neverpoplar and I are going to be making some wine this spring, a Riesling, I think. I would like a batch of Merlot sometime, maybe mid-summer. My mother used to make wine in her cellar and it was almost always good. I hope I've got her knack for it, otherwise my dreams are for naught.

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