Thursday, November 1, 2007

Sorry it's so discombobulated.

My back has been hurting pretty badly. I should be getting some date-sim-style games in the mail soon. The life insurance cheque is due to arrive today, somehow I remain depressed. The first real RPG is slated to come out for the Wii soon. I am back at work a couple afternoons a week. It's time to begin planning Bronwyn's birthday party.

I scared some children while trick-or-treating last night, I was a sorcerer with long grey hair and a shredded-at-the-bottom cape. Some kid called it a "girl's costume," I'm not sure where he got that. Bron was scared last night, but when we got home she still had a pretty heavy bag of treats.

I need to see my doctor about my back, though my mother-in-law is suggesting going straight to a chiropractor without seeing the doctor first. 

Bron and I are going to the local greasy spoon for french toast soon.

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