Wednesday, November 14, 2007

We're going to be moving soon, somewhere closer to downtown. We've got a system whereby Never finds the listings online and I make the phone calls and set up the viewings, it's working well so far. She's particularly good at research and organization and she's also been on for the past little while in anticipation of the move anyway. I'm way better at the social side of apartment hunting so our skills complement themselves. Together we make almost a whole, entire person. 

My attempts at having a yoga routine have flopped so it's on to the next thing, lifting weights. I bought a couple 15 lb. weights and did that for a while last night, I need some information on the proper way to handle these things and rep combinations and things. I'm also worried about my back, it's been acting up recently and I should really go see someone about it. 

I seem to be taking a break from Pokemon Pearl to play Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow and Touch the Dead. Castlevania needed to grow on me, but it's really fun to play. I was happy they kept Frankenstein's monster as an enemy, since he was my favourite boss from the first game in the series. Downloading Castlevania II for the Wii virtual console turned out to be a bit of fun, but I'm playing too many games to get too deep into it at the moment. Touch the Dead is a really fun take on the House of the Dead series. It's a "rail shooter" in which you blow holes in zombies as they jump out at you. You get to visit iconic places such as the canals of Venice and the Colosseum, and the DS version feels a bit more like survival horror than it does an arcade-style shooter. I also booted up House of the Dead 2 for the PC last night to test out my new mouse, (it glows an eerie blue.) I love senseless violence.

I've been depressed for a long time now, it seems. I don't know what else to do but get outside and pretend I'm not for a while. When I'm at work I can put my state aside and have some fun with the kids or bury myself in dishes to distract myself. This week I'm not at work to support Never in finding a new place and to make phone calls as soon as the listings pop up. I feel like I'm neglecting the people I love because I'm lost in my stupid feelings. 

We keep spending money on retarded things. I want an acoustic guitar and a new gaming PC. We should stop spending so much. 

I have a new skirt, but I don't have any tops to go with it. Never is getting me some nice socks for Christmas. I love you, Never. ^_^

I really wish the world would fall into the sun.

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