Sunday, January 27, 2008

Br0n has never been out of our supervision except for a few babysitters, times at friend's houses for sleepovers, and a short-lived daycare experience. I remember my mother telling me about dragging her brother around since a time when she was fairly young. I know that I wasn't allowed to roam the streets freely until an age of several years after the age that my mother fist began to go out with her friends unsupervised. I know we will afford Br0n much less personal freedom than I was afforded in that regard. In our changing times I worry that more and more parents are clutching their children as we do ours, affording them less and less freedom with each passing generation. I understand that with more people there is more crime and with more crime there is a greater risk to our children, but I also understand that paranoia plays a big part in parenting, these days. 

Personally, I've always been oblivious to danger, and it may bite me in the ass one day. I'm worried that children will never see the dangerous world in which we live until they escape through their window when they are 16, at an age when a child can do the most destruction to themselves. 

A few days after we moved into our new place, there was a shooting on the corner and an officer's strike at the nearby jail. These are real dangers that Br0n should know are there, if she were ever to find herself without her parents. Not only because of her personal safety, (because I don't think she's going to walk into a jail riot or that a gangland shooter will target her specifically,) but also so she can understand what is going on around her at any given moment and take action in an appropriate manner ~on her own.~ Shielding her from situations like these will not give her this capacity. 

I see children at 11 and 12 only just ebing able to walk to school by themselves in a reasonably safe neighborhood and worry if those children's lessening sense of freedom will ultimately damage humankind's future.

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