Friday, March 19, 2010

A table for determining the XP goal of a random encounter in 4E D&D.

Roll 3d6 and consult the table below. PL = Party Level experience goal based on DMG recommendations.

3: PL + 100%
4-5: PL + 50%
6-7: PL + 25%
8-13: PL
14-15: PL + 25%
16-17: PL + 50%
18: PL + 100%

This gives a chance of getting a stupidly hard encounters that players ~really shouldn't~ try to fight. I like this because then players think about whether they should even be in an encounter or not. I also have areas that are pretty consistent monster levels, so parties could go to an area they ~really shouldn't~ be in. These two things go well with each other. :D

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