Wednesday, August 23, 2006

neVer is embroiled in a feminist debate concerning women in the workforce and how that relates to married home life. She is a stay at home mom who plans to stay at home even after br0n goes to school. She wants to work on jewelry, paint and read books about anthropology. I have afforded her that option and have always wanted her to do something for herself. The women who she is arguing with have made it clear through insinuation and slander (welcome to Earth) that they think she is wrong and women should have a formal education and a high paying job mainly, from what I gather, because women should be able to support themselves after a divorce. 

Can you spot the flaws in this picture?

My opinions on this include, but are not limited to, these points:

1. These women have a dependent world view. Ironic when arguing feminism, innit? Their self-worth being derived mostly, it seems, from their ability to break free from a situation they put themselves in, specifically, marriage. 

2. Any argument that limits the choice that can be made by a woman, be it staying at home or finding something else to do, is inherently not feminist. The feminist movement is based on freedom of choice and will ever remain thus until the end of women. 

3. The mode of feminism these women are employing is a throwback to the feminists=dykes mentality which all but killed feminism during the 80s.

I am, very much, a feminist in the purest sense. What I mean by this is that I fully endorse women of all classes and walks of life doing what they have chosen to do or making choices based on whatever their criteria might be. There is no need for complex, arbitrary rules in a system like this, it drives itself simply and accomplishes what it sets out to do. 

Any comments on feminism from my friend-base?

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