Thursday, January 12, 2012

Final Fantasy Origins Available on PSN

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One of the longest running console RPG franchises bring us back to it’s roots with a new distribution of Final Fantasy Origins. Containing both Final Fantasy and the follow-up, Final Fantasy II, it’s a great deal at $9.99. I remember seeing this particular disc in game stores for $60 and up, I also remember thinking “I need this game!”
This package of games is completely reworked from their original forms on the Nintendo Entertainment System, and is arguably the best, most fully functional version available. Released nearly a decade ago the original FFO has been tuned- and gussied-up with cutscenes and a graphical overhaul to bring the style of the games more closely in line with the original concept art and functionality that we are used to in modern RPGs.
This new digital distribution of FFO propagates Sony’s Winter of RPGs promotion, which saw the release of Chrono Cross and Final Fantasy V on PSN. Let it be said that this is the only time that I am glad that.. Winter is coming.

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