Saturday, March 17, 2012

Reflections on a Save Crystal Episode 5

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In this episode we have more goofs per minute than is federally allowed, they are coated in so much trans fat and poo that we warn against ingesting them all at once. This weeks news was about Diablo III, Mr.Tit, Obsolete PSP games, Birds in space, and Journey.We also tried something new with the audio, let us know what you think.
This episodes reflection is: “We can all agree that music plays an important part in games, but just how important? Can a game be made or broken by its soundtrack? When has music been great, and when has music been terrible for you? During a multiplayer competitive game should there be music? What do you think about the move from actual music to ambient sound? Are there any soundtracks or songs from games that we carry with us from day to day? If so is it because it is good music or is it because it is tied to the memories of the game? Opinions on Custom soundtracks, games they should or should not be in and why?”

Final Song was Megaman Dubstep Remake
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