Monday, September 3, 2012

Neverwares Artist Statement

War Once Raged Across These Planes

"Smoke rose and blotted the sun, fire lit the smoke from below, and death fueled the fires of war one lost life at a time. Those days of legend and valour are long gone now, centuries of dust have settled on this ancient battlefield, and even the scavengers have left for richer gains. But one small house now stands atop a crest of dirt, a crystalline optic scope jutting from it like a left-over antenna.

He lives there. Some call him infirm for the theories he publishes year after year, his library taken up by the moldering tomes of his science. He has mastered the art of seeing into the past. By day he sits perched on a rickety stool, held together only by twine and purpose, peering into the tiny lens of this great, masterwork temporal looking glass. By night he feverishly writes his findings in records and theses which will eventually lead directly to his demise.

But what of this man's daughter? Neglected and forlorn, she wanders the ancient, barren landscape, carving hidden places and finding curios amidst the aged, unused ruins. She builds with the ancestral fever that encompasses her father, but her pursuit is a much more dramatic one. Sculpting her found art into what must have looked to anyone, were there anyone to see, strange amulets glinting in the heat, rings of great power to keep the past at bay, and full suits of eccentric armour. She was more a historian than her father ever was, and she reforged artifacts of the past in minute detail and scale.

These are her artworks."

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