Tuesday, May 10, 2005

My Mini Gamer

It's been a while but I am posting again. This is to be a post chronicling my daughter's gaming career thus far, and for a 2.5 year-old, it's an impressive one. She goes by the name of Bronwyn and has had quick fingers and an eye for detail since she was just a bud.
She started by participating in family Soul Caliber II competitions and did quite well, I might add. She actually managed to beat one of my friends to KO status. She's played numerous PS2 and Gamecube games and will whoop the ass of any other 2.5 year old you might pit her against, assuming your toddler is unlucky. Here she is owning her mother with a Paayon Thrust.
To my amazement, she began playing Daedalian Opus one time after I put the Game Boy down. To anyone who doesn't know the game, you have Tetris-type blocks and you need to fill in various sized rectangles and squares with them. She owns the gameboy featured in the picture below as well as Pokemon Pinball and Daedalian Opus, I gave them to her after finally aquiring a Game Boy Advance, but her favourite remains her mother's Tetris DX. She displays her puzzle prowess here:
Her retro gaming vocabulary is not quite on par with mine but she absolutely adores Mario Paint and Donkey Kong Country. Her platforming skills are improving and her artistry is simply excellent. She learned the mouse very quickly, one day she just "got it" and spent the better part of the day playing on the PC. her hands are still too small for most controllers but she is getting better at using them all the time.
Dad, get some curtains. The glare is hurting my eyes.

So to say the least, she is an avid 2 year old gamer and I look forward to many years yet of cursing in the heat of multiplay at her.

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