Thursday, January 5, 2006

i do a children's story circle at a downtown daycare every thursday afternoon.

since it's been raining recently i decided to do it based on the weather and it's logical consequences. here was my lineup.

1. song: story bracket song to begin circle
2. song: it's raining, it's pouring in rounds
3. book: what does the rain play by nancy white carlstrom
4. song: rain, rain, go away
5. book: the tiny seed by eric carle
6. a fingerplay i made up about a seed growing into a flower, the flower dying and fertilizing an acorn which grows into a tree which falls and fertilizes a flower
7. song story bracket song to end circle

one of the children's grandmother's had recently died and so the fingerplay was especially relevant and not only to the weather. i'm glad i could tell her that story.

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