Monday, January 22, 2007

Well, I missed school today because of the OSAP money I forsaw getting in the afternoon. I idd indeed get my money and I rushed straight out with never and br0n to get some new shoes, video games and a brand new laptop. Her name is Monzie and I am currently burning her recovery disk (it takes an inordinately long amount of time to burn two data DVDs with this integrated program) before rebooting her and getting her on the network and thereby the internet. I need to buy my text books after school tomorrow and will be searching for free texts tonight online, if I can find any. 

We had dinner at a restaurant called The Pickle Barrel and it was wonderful. I had a huge, meaty tray of nachos, never had a nice looking steak and br0n had a couple fries. We had a pretty good time spending some of my well deserved loan today.

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