Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I've had a busy day. 

First thing this morning I showed up at the baby room for some time with the kids, there was general cuteness and a fire drill during which we all shivered and jumped up and down to fend off the cold. The Chef, Alex, was sick with allergies. 

Next came the ever happy six hour period of classes. I got stuck at the very back of the class, that's what I get for being almost late. I got to show off my new laptop to a couple friends as well as one of my favourite games, Imperishable Night. Got some learnin' done, too.

Then came the dreaded buying-a-packload-of-books-and-lugging-them-all-home excursion, it went well and I ran into my creative expressions teacher, who is taking a class at the campus the bookstore is at. Then I lugged them home on an over-crowded street car. o_o'

Tonight I plan to do some chores and read the first two modules in the on-line textbook for my Child Development class tomorrow.

My laptop is sexy.

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