Thursday, February 1, 2007


I've been home for the last couple days due to illness. I don't regret missing any of it as I have the notes and handouts that I need and there weren't any tests. The family just got a new printer which does anything you could possibly want a printer to do, so, despite having to run around getting it working on our USB 1.0 set-up, it's good.

I'll be working with babies in the morning tomorrow, which pretty much dictates my energy level for the day: low. I've got my English essay, due tomorrow, printed and nearly flawless. I also have a Creative Expressions test tomorrow which likely isn't going to be much fun, though it will likely be a short class. And then on Saturday I get to go do my First Aid/CPR training. T_T

I am pressing to get the Anime Night disk done before I go to bed, which should be doable, but I really have do download more AMVs for next week. The ones I have are getting old.

A raised can of root beer to productivity!

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