Sunday, March 18, 2007

Last night, neVer and I watched the Woody Allen movie, Scoop. In it Allen plays a successful stage magician who meets his co-star, a promiscuous, would-be journalist, during his act, calling her up on stage for a disappearing trick. While she is in the "de-atomizing box" she meets the third star of the movie, a famous dead journalist, or his eternal spirit. 

This is one of Allen's better plots, being a cohesive murder-mystery, but lacks the aesthetic beauty of some of his earlier works, although there are some rich-looking shots on an English estate. This is not to say I didn't like it, in fact I laughed more at this movie than I have for years, and in places Allen wanted his audience to laugh, at anything that wasn't a predictable, trite, and badly-written script.

One question I have about this movie is: Is Woody Allen the one talking into his co-star's breasts, or is it his character, Splendini the Magician? I get the feeling that it's a little of both, as sexuality is always a strong device in his movies.

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