Monday, April 16, 2007

We Begin at the Beginning

Most of the words which should be reserved for creative expression are given to a community called Statements. This is my art, it's all I can do. There is a sub-culture there and it's ingrown and inbred. There is so much that can be said in a declarative statement but it is also limiting. I often find myself making more than one post at a time in threaded continuity. My chair hurts my back and still I sit and sit and look for the energy to find myself. There is anything and everything but still I am lost and unfinding. That was vague, I'm sorry. I want to erase all these words again. I want to come out of a darkness and find that pinpoint, the X that is supposed to mark the spot. I want to feel out where i am supposed to be going. I can't find it but it's there, soft and fuzzy and waiting for my lecherous, probing, pondering fingers to find it. My camera sits, unused, a symbol of society. A living wish that there was more and more of a wish than alive. I feel frail and lost, making ..

I wish I were lost.

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