Sunday, August 19, 2007

Ah! Paris makes me yearn for an older, lower city!

Paris is exciting. After my jet-lag, which lasted an entire day, morning until night, I woke up this morning to a continental breakfast with ma pop, never, and br0n. We then didn't get out of the hotel until about noon, when we took a trip to a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful little museum nestled behind a huge famous church on a hill. I don't remember what either of them are called and will update if I ever do. I took a bunch of pictures from there that still need to be uploaded from the camera into the receiving end of a tube. Then we went on a boat tour on La Seine which went past La Louvre, Napoleon's Palace du Justice, Notre Dame, the famous art acadamie which is there, Tower d'Eiffel, and a billion other hugely famous, massively old structures. There are people who live on houseboats all along La Seine. The water is so dirty. 

We got back and had a small rest, then went out to find some food. We almost walked into a strip-bar for lack of reading obviously posted signs which featured girls in lingerie and brass poles and huge bold words reading, en anglais, LIVE DANCING GIRLS. :facepalm: We did eventually find a place to eat that didn't have tuna taco on the menu. It was a busy place name Madeline 7 (that's "sept" for you filthy anglophones) and they had the most beautiful Filet Mignon du Porc au Citron, which is pork loin smothered in a sauce of cheese and lemon, beside linguine. never had this boring looking spaghetti which she says was actually above average, and so very, very good. My daughter, the ever-choosy, picked something safe, hot-dogs...

Now hot-dogs are OK when they're from a vendor in N America, if you like that sort of thing. The thing that arrived was a Cajun dream. Oven roasted on a baguette and smothered in a thick layer of well-cooked cheese. The actual hot-dog part was completely invisible underneath all the awesome. My daughter said that she wouldn't eat it.. I was drooling despite the pork loin being covered in my increasingly foamy saliva and she was telling me it wasn't plain enough. I would have thrown her out of France if it wasn't enlightened and I wasn't her father and she wasn't so cute and I was more cruel and.. well, cetera. My mother had a french onion soup and it looked pretty good, except don't call it "french onion soup" unless you want to be snickered at by a cute waiter. 

I am feeling more and more comfortable with speaking what little French I know, which is difficult with the issues that I bring to a conversation. I can very nearly order something to eat entirely in French!*

I am also going to Venice, Florence, and Roma. One of my friends asked me to take a picture of myself drinking Coca-Cola in front of the main building in the Vatican. Does anyone else have any nutty requests?+

*assuming it's not terribly complicated and I see a written version of what I would like beforehand.
+again, assuming it's not terribly complicated or expensive.

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