Sunday, August 19, 2007

Versailles is a big house.

Another continental breakfast, I suppose I should get used to those, then we slept until noon. My mother was not up to going to Versailles at 1 so we went, the three of us. Yep, it's a huge fucking house. It's so, so, beautiful. It's gilded with gold everywhere and has huge frescoes, and paintings all over. Some of the most awesome paintings you can think of were there. There was even a painting of Louis XIV cosplaying as god. We walked around the palace for a couple hours and only scratched the surface of the building. It must have been a perverted citadel in it's time. Versailles' true beauty, though, lies in it's garden. This rich, lavish, HUGE garden brimming with running water and brass sculptures. Half naked ladies vomited into a pool of carved metal. And hidden in one of the floral squares, a gem of a fountain. It had stepped plateaus of water spilling into one another, each step inlaid with conch shells and the basin at the top seeming to supply the entire thing with aqua lined with huge teeth. Gargantuan fucking teeth. Real teeth. I wanted to smash my body against it until I was dead. 

If I was less tired I would write more.. and more coherently. The French, lallygagging loudly outside, must keep me staring at the ceiling until exhaustion finally takes me. 

Bon soir.

PS. I touched everything, even the centuries-old paintings.

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