Thursday, November 15, 2007

Posted, but only after much deliberation.

I would like to die in a way that absolutely everyone agrees is a despicable way for a life to end. I might begin to deserve the hate for who I was born into, then. 

Time delivers us all to the same end. All is futile. All culminates into nothing. There is nothing to do but wait for our short lives to end, and so end the human race, and so end the earth, and so end the universe. 

We are nothing but a potential fragment of a dead universe's past. 

I saw my mother's soul escape from her body with my eyes on the night that she died. This event made me want to believe in god. A single soul does not a god make, though. I cannot believe in god simply on an emotional basis. Wanting something does not make it true. My mother's soul left her body at sunset and will never return to her body, this is all I know. This does not mean there is a god which can direct or punish and reward the souls of the once-living. I cannot believe in god and so cannot believe in any future other than a long, cold, drawn-out death for existence.

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