Tuesday, June 12, 2007

This is what you do with a drunken sailor.

It was a day of empty rides.

The candy dance.


The family candy picnic.


She will one day consume the world, but not today.

The skyride is one of my favourites, it has also been closed for the past few years. Today is was open.

Boats, frogs, and stretching girls.

The dragon-coaster.

Hello goats, I am not afraid of falling. ((..@_@..))

Huge Muskoka chairs. Featured with cute girls, later.

The track belongs to another favourite ride of mine: The Centreville Express.

The tilt is because of CRAZY SWINGING CABLE-CAR OF DOOM! Seriously, it's not because I'm drunk.

Us two, yay!

That contraption eats people and cleans the cars in one motion.

Thar be thy bloody maw!

Phew, just made it.

Br0n: "If i had a bucket I would bring the sparkling to you."

I love when trees look like they are sipping from a lake.

The farm there is so beautiful.

That pig is the size of a horse.

A slightly better picture of the goats. Kawaii! ^_^V

The shade of lovers is sweeter than other kinds.

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